The woman thought she was carrying one child, but triplets were born. What identical triplets look like after 20 years

Triplets were born in an Iranian family 20 years ago: Elnaz, Golnaz and Tanaz. Now the girls live in London, actively run social networks, work with famous brands and develop their modeling careers. The girls’ mother expected to give birth to one child throughout her pregnancy, but triple happiness fell on their heads.

Parents were very happy that three wonderful daughters appeared in their family, but financially they were not ready for this. Despite the fact that it was difficult, the children were raised in love, they were given all the best. In the
eastern country, their own rules and according to their traditions, the fate of girls has already been predetermined.

But they chose a different path. The girls grew up very beautiful. After the age of majority, the triplets were to be wooed and married. But the sisters did not like this tradition, they wanted a different fate. The parents loved their children and supported their choice.

The father himself bought them tickets to London, rented accommodation and wished them happiness. Iranian beauties dreamed of becoming models. In fact, they had every chance for this – nature endowed them with a bright appearance. Our heroines are beautiful, well-groomed, with good figures.

The girls began to develop rapidly in the modeling world, and also entered the same educational institution to get a good education. In social networks, they have one page for three. They publish their best pictures here. Each girl also has her own page on which they share the details of their personal lives. Today, 300 thousand subscribers admiring their beauty have subscribed to the sisters’ account.

The triplets attract the attention of many photographers. They began to receive job offers from them. It is absolutely impossible to distinguish them from each other. They are similar to each other, like two drops of water. The sisters are very friendly and spend most of their time together.

Girls love fashion brands, they have a good sense of style. Each of their photographs is a work of art. There were many obstacles in the life of the sisters: poverty, misunderstanding of others, and much more. But nothing stopped them from pursuing their dream. We can only wish them good luck and watch their careers develop, because they really have great potential.

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