The woman was expecting twins, but a surprise was born: what unusual babies look like after 3 years

Monozygotic twins are always the same sex, have the same blood types, genetic makeup, and are always very similar to each other. Explaining this phenomenon, Dr. Claire Steves of the Department of Twin Research said that many genes control skin color, and while identical twins most likely share them completely, this is not guaranteed.

Having given birth to two twins, Clementine Shipley was very surprised by their appearance. As identical twins, you would expect Isabella and Gabriella to be practically the same, but the truth is that they were born with different skin tones!

This phenomenon is quite rare and usually only occurs in twins, that is, when two sperm fertilize two different eggs. – Clementine decided to create an Instagram page for her daughters, who have won a huge following. Little Isabella and Gabriella are proof that true beauty lies in diversity and acceptance.

On the third anniversary of her daughters, Clementine published a small post on Instagram, where many fans could congratulate the girls. Here, the woman wrote a little about the features and differences between “dissimilar twins.” Bree is a very energetic child. She runs a lot and fast.

In order to catch her, you have to involve the whole family. Bree loves to cuddle. She asks to hug her every time before going to bed. – Bella is very funny, she makes her family members laugh almost every day. The baby loves to make faces and jokes a lot. She loves books. Despite the fact that the baby cannot read, she spends a lot of time with her books. Takes the most beloved, sits in the corner, smiles and flips through the pages

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