The woman was shocked when her daughter-in-law demanded to have her son’s paternity tested. Meanwhile, the father-in-law revealed a long-held family secret to the daughter-in-law.

Tayen was getting ready to be discharged from the maternity hospital. From the moment she walked out with her baby in her arms, her husband,, didn’t leave her side for a moment. had eagerly awaited the arrival of his son and expressed his joy openly. Tayens family and her husband’s family all came to welcome her and her son back home, and she was less excited about their arrival than she was about the fact that everyone had gathered together.

Furthermore, on that day, they had hired a photographer to capture all the touching moments, and a week later, they had photos from the day of their discharge. Tayen felt like the happiest person in the world, but what bothered her was her mother-in-law’s dissatisfied gaze. “, do you want to tell me something?” finally asked.

“Well, dear, I think…” Marina began, but she interrupted, taking her son in her arms and retreating to her room. She understood that there was no point in continuing the conversation.

Two weeks later, issued an ultimatum: either the daughter-in-law takes a paternity test (with all expenses covered by her), or she has a week to file for divorce and leave. Without much hesitation, agreed, but only on the condition that both and his father also undergo the test. The reason being that bore no resemblance to either of his parents, so theoretically, it was worth scrutinizing.

“How dare you?!” husband rushed in. “What’s going on here? Why are you screaming at the top of your lungs throughout the apartment?”

“Oh, just a usual argument, nothing unusual!” Marina replied, trying to downplay the situation.

“No,, I’ll tell you everything in detail right now,” said. She had always considered him strict but fair. remained silent for a few minutes. Then he looked at his wife and said, “Don’t judge her by yourself, at least.”


He went out to the balcony and called to join him. “The thing is, daughter, is not my biological son. Well, he is my son but not biologically. I’ve known about this for a long time. and I have discussed it. doesn’t know about it, and it’s better if he doesn’t. You should never tell him.”

Through the balcony windows, watched Marina, who had collapsed, clutching her head in despair.

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