The young man began an affair with a doll. See how he spends his time with her

A South American man is so tired of being alone that he has a relationship with a rag doll. In the video, the tiktoker shows how he goes shopping with a model and watches movies in the evening while the toy “kids” do their homework.

Tiktok user posts videos of a rag doll he calls his partner.

According to the 49-year-old, he “started an affair” with a model named Natalia because he felt lonely.

Without the dolls, I would be more alone than anyone else.At least I have something, he said in one of the videos.

The author of the account has been “dating” the doll for several years – in the video, the Tiktoker goes with her to supermarkets, walks in parks, and watches television in the evening.

The man said he planned to marry his chosen one. It seems that the author of the video even introduced Natalya to her parents.

Judging by the videos, the “couple” has two children in the form of rag dolls.

Tiktoker shows how he has fun with them and “helps” them with their homework.

However, the man disabled comments under the videos – many netizens were alarmed by the content of the tiktoker and started writing offensive messages to him.

He himself tries not to pay attention to the words of the audience.

The man is sure that the dolls saved him from loneliness.

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