The youngster, then just 2 years old, was considered the brightest kid on the planet

Incredibly brilliant, Wrigley surprised people. His IQ was over 160, which is unfathomable for his age. He is as brilliant as Albert Einstein! He was admitted to the Oxford Mensa Club, the most prestigious club for intellectuals, at such a young age. If the guy, named Oscar, had to choose between walking with his buddies and reading, he would definitely choose the latter.

He’s had a remarkable vocabulary almost since he’s been in diapers, as his parents pointed out. The infant genius started babbling whole sentences when he was nine months old. And by the time he was just two years old, he was holding his ground in conversations about the world’s most pressing issues with adults.

Their children are their heroes, and they even ask their parents to put godchildren who they think sum up their child. A word that Oscar said one day when he was not very upset by his parents.

“Mom, when I eat sausage, it’s like there’s a party in my mouth. »

But that’s not all… Joe Wrigley, computer scientist, tells us:“Oscar recently made an effort to engage my wife in a talk about the penguin reproductive cycle.

The kid has a natural curiosity that belies his age, and he never fails to ask an inordinate number of questions. While it’s natural for parents to think their child is exceptional, there’s no denying that Oscar is truly a one-of-a-kind human being.”

Yet, unexpectedly, this is not the course. The youngster continues to mature and his superior intellect continues to amaze his family and friends. Humanity can expect to be surprised again and again.

Of course, Oscar Wrigley isn’t the first youngster to join Mensa.

The group has also welcomed a number of very bright additional children.

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