They didn’t have problems in life, but out of curiosity, she asked a fortune teller to predict her future. The fortune teller’s words didn’t please the girl, but it was in vain.

were a beautiful, harmonious couple. They got married immediately after graduating from university: he in law, she in education. At their wedding, all the guests admired the tall, slim couple with perfect facial features. They lived in harmonygave birth to two children, and  nearly fifteen years together. One day, , without understanding why, asked a fortune teller to predict her future.

“Your husband will leave you. And you will lose your job,” the fortune teller reminded her. “We have a happy family!  me dearly! Why are you lying to me?” Toma exclaimed. “I speak what I see. You wanted the truth, and you heard it. I never lie,” calmly responded the fortune teller. Toma threw the money at her and quickly walked away. She took a short stroll through the park, calmed down, and headed home. “What nonsense! I’m doing great, listening to the fantasies of some old woman,” she thought as she entered the building.

Upon entering the apartment, her husband was already waiting, having set the table for dinner. The children were visiting their grandmother. “Today, I asked a fortune teller to predict my future. And guess what she came up with?” Toma said. Waiting for a response, she continued, “She said that you would leave me soon. How about that?”
Vlad put down his fork. “If we’re discussing this, then I have to confess. I have someone else. I love her. She’s pregnant, and I won’t leave her alone in such a condition. I’m leaving you,” he said. Toma dropped the fork from her hands. “And our children? Can you abandon them in such a state?” she asked. “They are old enough. And I won’t abandon them; I’ll help and visit them. I’m going away from you,” Vlad replied.

Toma resisted the divorce at first, then gave in. She waved her hand and, a month after the divorce, Toma was laid off due to downsizing. She couldn’t help but harbor anger towards the fortune teller

. However, what was the fortune teller’s fault? She merely revealed Toma’s future. A month later, Toma found a new job, even better than the previous one. It was closer to home, with a higher salary. There, she met Stas. Things are heading towards a wedding.

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