“They entered the room, and Liz’s breath simply caught. A six-month-old baby lay there all alone, hungry.”What happened next will astonish you

There are two types of people. In the first group, everything is wrong even when things are going well. In the second group, everything is good (sometimes just okay) even when things around them are going wrong. I live in a private sector area. The beginning of May was rainy, and the grass in front of my plot grew quite tall – there was no time to mow it. I returned late at night from work. I was still envious of my neighbors. The last couple of weekends, it had been pouring rain. Last weekend was no different. Then, I received a call.

I opened the door, and there was a young neighbor, maybe around 16 years old, not older. He greeted me and offered to mow the grass near my house for 200 hryvnias. My corner plot is long, and the offer seemed reasonable. I agreed. The young man took out a notebook and penciled me in for May 14th. I got curious about how many clients he had. He smiled and said he had enough. He even suggested getting a summer mowing subscription.

He said it would be more cost-effective for me. I could save 20% on each mowing if I paid for four months upfront. Why not, I thought? I signed up for four months. Today is Sunday evening, and I’m satisfied with the results. He not only mowed the grass but also cleared most of it. I called the young man and asked if I owed him anything for clearing the grass. He said I didn’t owe him anything.

He mentioned that he would give the grass to one of our neighbors who raises chickens. The young man supplies him with freshly cut grass in exchange for eggs and meat. On Saturday, I talked to some neighbors and found out that two out of my three neighbors are also his clients.
Good for him! Ultimately, this story is not just about the young man but about attitude and the willingness to seek solutions. Just look for opportunities, and everything will work out.

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