This 70-year-old couple posed nude. The photos shocked the Internet

In our country, old age is usually associated with a small pension, not very good health and poor social security. Most often, this category of people is absolutely not protected. But it is these people who often serve as an example of how cheerful the human spirit can be – even in old age.

Check out this beautiful portrait of an elderly nude couple – this photo has gone viral on the Internet and has already taken the world by storm with its immediacy.

Of course, you can remember, as the proverb says: “Gray hair in a beard, demon in a rib!” But what’s wrong with that?

In the photo, Gerry and Darwin, 75 and 70 years old, have been in love with each other for the past twenty years, and, as you can see, the demon in their ribs is playing tricks in earnest! Their feelings are so strong that they decided on this candid photo shoot.

Jade Bill, a photographer from Arizona, wrote on his Instagram: “Why do we have to compare someone with someone every time and decide that one is more beautiful than the other? Why can’t we cover a million concepts or signs of beauty, but should only start from one thing?

”After these photos went around the world, the perpetrators of such popularity – Gerry and Darwin – wrote a beautiful message: a flabby body will never be a barrier to truly loving someone. We, like well-aged wine or cheese, are saturated with tons of events in our lives and, it seems, we have never loved so much!

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