This 85 year old woman has changed her body:The result is shocking

Anna Pesce is the most ordinary pensioner from the state of New York, USA. Rather, it was normal. She is 85 years old and most recently she looked the way a person of her age should look like. Children and grandchildren adore Grandma and always thought that she was doing well.

And the fact that for several years Anna suffered from chronic back pain seemed to everyone quite natural. Such an age. Even the woman herself did not expect to get rid of the pain, until one day she went to visit her daughter.

Climbing the stairs, she suddenly experienced such pain in her back that she could hardly stand on her feet. For the rest of the time Anna spent visiting her daughter, she was forced to use a wheelchair. And the woman didn’t like the idea of being helpless any longer. She decided to find a way to deal with the problem.

“I tried everything,” she recalls. “Acupuncture, physical therapy, went to a chiropractor. After that, relief came, but soon the pain returned. About three months later, Anna met 28-year-old Rachel Jessien.

Rachel herself suffered from back pain and therefore became interested in yoga. And then she became an instructor. The girl began to visit an elderly woman and show her various exercises to improve posture and strengthen the back muscles.

Only a month has passed, and Anna could already feel the result. And try harder exercises.
Two years have passed, and now you can see for yourself how the woman’s body has changed! She can hold her back straight again.

Rachel also gained fame as an instructor, and now many dream of falling into her hands.
The fact that yoga can help get rid of back pain is also confirmed by doctors. And Anna Peske’s story proves that it’s never too late to take care of your body. But be careful – progress takes time and patience. And a good mentor.

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