This baby is only a year and three months old, and she is already a little celebrity

Caddy Joan Walton still has no idea what beauty nature has awarded her. But everyone around is just crazy about her. Why did she charm everyone so much? Yes, just take a look at these pictures and you will understand for yourself.

The girl’s mother, Ida Jaffune, specially created an account on social networks in order to share her unique beauty with everyone. And they already have a lot of fans.

Of course, there are those people who write that the mother “enlarged” the baby’s lips in order to become popular. But this is a big misconception. The daughter just inherited her mom’s looks.

“No, my daughter doesn’t have any birth defects. Yes, her mouth closes when she wants to. No, I didn’t do anything to Caddy’s lips, she got them from nature, like her hair. I don’t use false strands and I don’t comb her hair on purpose so that it looks more voluminous, ”Ida answers all questions at once.

We think that this little cute angel will have a big future in the sphere of modeling, since she is already a natural beauty.

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