This child was considered the most beautiful girl for her actions, look at her 17 years later

Eddy was the happiest father when his daughter, Iza, was born. He adored her and felt overwhelmed with pride and joy. On the day they were discharged from the hospital, Eddy even shed tears of happiness. He couldn’t get enough of his beautiful Iza – her sweet, chubby hands and feet, her bow-like lips, everything about her was adorable. Her eyes, dark brown and almost black, were particularly striking. What more could he ask for? He now had two beloved girls at home.

Eddy, a tall and handsome man with blue eyes and light hair, didn’t care that Iza looked nothing like him. Whenever someone pointed out the differences in their appearance, he’d simply respond that she took after her mother. His love for his daughter was unconditional.

However, as time passed, Eddy started to have doubts and began scrutinizing his daughter more closely. Suspicions were slowly eating away at his mind. Soon enough, his wife confronted him, citing his growing resentment toward Iza as evidence of his doubts.

She blamed their daughter for causing a rift between them. Eddy constantly found himself getting angry with Iza and grew increasingly distant from her. He withdrew into silence, slammed doors in frustration, and sought refuge at his mother’s house.

Eddy’s mother, who had noticed the growing tension, persuaded him to take a paternity test. At first, he hesitated, fearing his wife’s reaction and the emotional turmoil it might cause. But after a year of convincing from his mother, he finally agreed.

When Eddy informed his wife of his decision, she was surprised but didn’t object. She packed her bags and left, saying she would stay with her parents until he had the results.

Eddy’s mind was filled with doubts. Had he rushed into this decision? Should he bring his wife and daughter back home? The absence of their laughter, the smell of home-cooked meals – everything felt empty and sad without them. His days dragged on, filled with endless waiting.

Finally, the test results arrived. Eddy opened the letter with trembling hands. As he read the words, “Probability of paternity: 99.9999%,” he felt a mix of emotions. He immediately called his wife to share the news.

“Yes, I took the paternity test, and I am her father,” he told her.

Her response was unexpected: “Yes, you passed the test on paper, but not in real life.”

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