This couple got married and they have a wonderful family – this is true love

No one on this planet can remain unaffected by the story of Zack and Tori. These two have once again demonstrated that true love is stronger than any prejudice and is worth fighting for.

Their romance resembles a fairy tale, which seemed unlikely to come true, but they managed to make it happen.

Zack is a dwarf, and his girlfriend is an entirely ordinary woman of average height and stature. They met at Zack’s parents’ farm, where Tori was working part-time.


Zack fell in love with this charming woman at first sight, but he was too nervous to make the first move as he had never experienced a serious relationship before.

Nevertheless, he decided to ask her out on a date, and the couple never parted ways again. They got married and became a united family after some time, to the amazement of their relatives and friends.


The couple eagerly shared their romantic love story on one of the reality TV shows that cater to people of short stature.


Today, the couple is happily married, with three children, the youngest of whom was born this year.

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