This famous couple is the proof that true love exists in the world

Their birth, life, love and departure, it all resembles an art book, a fictional dramatic story. But everything really happened. Leo and Helen were born on the same day.

They met at a young age. By the age of 18, their friendship grew into a romantic relationship. But the parents were against the wedding of their children because of the different welfare of the families. The guy was from a rich family, and the girl was from a poor one.

But it didn’t matter to Leo. Beloved for him was the most beautiful princess. They left and secretly got married.
The husband was engaged in photography, and the wife worked in real estate. They had a son. And so they lived together for 75 years.

And they passed away one after another at the age of 94. The son says that his mother said that she could not imagine a single day of life without a father. In the photographs of already advanced age, you can see how they look lovingly at each other. How much love and warmth is in this look. Their story once again proves that true love exists in the world.

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