this guy was mocked by everyone over time, but he got married to a crazy girl, and look what happened next

The story of this charming couple’s meeting and falling in love quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. Their enchanting and adorable relationship serves as an inspiration to many and a source of motivation.

They’ve demonstrated that true love exists and has the potential to lead to a fulfilling life when given the chance. These incredible individuals are Shane and Hannah, well-known for the great work they’ve done in the past.

They place no restrictions or requirements on their affection and love for each other. Due to the unusual circumstances surrounding their relationship, some individuals have even gone so far as to suggest they are not real and come from another world.

Shane has been confined to a wheelchair since he was 2 years old due to being born with a spinal muscle issue that prevents him from walking. He was born unable to move his legs in any way.

After meeting for the first time when they were very young, they quickly became friends. The couple has been married for six years at this point, and during that time, they have created a life together filled with love and harmony through their joint efforts.

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