This is how the heroes of Anne Geddes’ famous childhood pictures look today, and it’s been 20 years already

For those who grew up in the 90s, the name Ann Geddes says a lot. She is considered a legend in the world of children’s photography, a pioneer. In the late 80s, it was Ann who introduced the fashion for pictures of babies in incredible images: costumes of bees and snails, in cabbage leaves and cocoons of flowers. Now the photographer has launched a new project called: “Children, look at yourself”.

She decided to show how the characters of her photographs taken in the 90s have changed and grown up. Are you wondering who a tiny butterfly or a sleeping bear cub has turned into? Then look!

You may not know a photographer like Ann Geddes, but you have definitely seen her pictures. In the 1990s, her work was featured on calendars, posters and advertising brochures.

Now Ann Gendes works in New York. She remained devoted to her beloved work and still shoots babies in original and unimaginable images.

In addition, the photographer launches educational and charitable projects. She also maintains an Instagram page where she posts her brightest works.

“Ben and Adam are now 21 years old. They grew up to be very talented and smart guys: they get a degree in geography, they play the guitar, they are engaged in design, they are fond of surfing. Amazing guys,” writes Ann.

“This little rabbit has grown into a beautiful 24-year-old girl who works as a barista at a local coffee shop. Dianna is also professionally involved in equestrian sports and dreams of taking part in the Olympics, ”the photographer shared.

“I remember taking this picture in 1997. She was so tiny, and now I see an adult and accomplished woman. Ariana is an actress and dreams of performing on Broadway,” writes Geddes.

“From a 6-month-old “chick” Emmy has grown into a beautiful lady. She received a bachelor’s degree and a prestigious job. And in her free time, Emmy loves to travel,” says Ann.

“In 1995, I photographed a 5-week-old baby as a little fairy. Now Sophie can hardly be called a baby, she works as a policeman, loves adventure. She recently spent 2 months in Africa walking lions, feeding leopards and swimming with sharks. This is fearlessness! ”The photographer is surprised.

The heroes of children’s pictures themselves send photos to Ann. Therefore, the project can be classified as open-ended. After all, not all participants from those very childhood pictures know about its existence. And if you imagine how many children the photographer has photographed in 20 years, we can say with confidence that we will be touched by her work for a long time to come.

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