This is Princess Cheek: Mom gave her daughter a gift that touched social networks

Each mother tries to protect her baby from ill-wishers and does it with great enthusiasm. An even greater desire to protect their child is shown by mothers whose baby is special. American mom Katie Crenshaw has just such a daughter. The girl, who recently turned 2 years old, was born with a capillary hemangioma on her face. The stain almost completely covers the baby’s right cheek.

Of course, Keti still considers her daughter Charlie the most beautiful on the planet. However, the opinion of the mother did not always coincide with the opinion of the people around her. To help the girl accept her unusual appearance, Katie resorted to a rather creative method.

The young mother turned to her friend Kylie Baker, who was a professional doll maker. Katie asked her to make a doll that would mimic her special daughter’s appearance. She wanted to create a toy with the same blond hair, big gray eyes and a small feature on her right cheek. Katie felt that the doll would help her daughter accept her appearance and gain self-confidence.

It took several weeks to make the doll. When Katie came to pick up the toy, she was very surprised: the doll was simply magical, and the birthmark on her cheek did not spoil her beauty at all. “I thought: my daughter will definitely like the toy!” – said Katy.

For the holiday, the young mother presented Charlie with a special doll. The girl liked the toy so much that she does not part with it for a minute.

“Charlie eats and sleeps with her; takes for walks, shows other kids. She named the doll “Princess Cheek”. It seems that she understood my message – to learn to see beauty, despite some features in appearance, ”says Keti.

Katie told her story on the blog, but faced not only positive, but also negative comments. Some people spoke tactlessly about the little girl and even wrote insults.

“Because of such people, I am already forced to teach my daughter to cope with the negative reaction of others. Offensive statements should not shake her faith in her unique beauty, ”says Keti.

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