This is really amazing and perfect”19,700,000 views. Graceful Greek amazing dance performed

ballet artists have always been true professionals in their craft. They dedicate themselves entirely to each performance, devoting all their feelings and emotions to it. It’s as if they transform into different people, for whom a particular dance is more familiar and traditional.
They study its history, meaning, purpose, and any other details. It seems that the main purpose of such ballet performances lies in this – Igor Moiseyev originally wanted to showcase various dance styles in the most authentic form possible. His goal was to introduce the audience to the diversity of world art.

Every performance by ballet artists can be considered a true masterpiece. It includes authentic costumes, interesting musical accompaniment, and character. Dancers not only follow the technique of every movement and strive for perfection – above all, they express their emotions!
Of course, the video with the Sirtaki dance could not go unnoticed by choreographers. It is often mistakenly perceived as a traditional Greek folk dance, although it is not. It was created in 1964 for the film “Zorba the Greek,” but after its premiere, it became one of the symbols of Greece.

When filming the final scene with the dance, the main character broke his leg. Naturally, he couldn’t jump and move actively as planned in the script. The actor managed without a cast, so the improvised dance had to be changed. And, as you can understand, this turn of events was quite fortunate. Perhaps if the actor hadn’t broken his leg, the dance wouldn’t have become so popular.
Today, millions of people continue to sincerely believe that Sirtaki is a traditional art of Greece, created over the centuries. In any case, the history doesn’t play such a crucial role, as the Sirtaki dance performed by Igor ballet artists can bring you much closer to such art! We invite you to watch the video below and enjoy this true masterpiece with us.

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