This story will amazed you”A three-month-old baby is crying, and his mother says, ‘Yes, let him cry as much as he wants! I won’t even go near him!'”

My name is Vika, and my husband is Juana. Recently, we moved to live in another city, a three-hour drive from our hometown. Although it was challenging to leave our friends and family behind,he got a good job, so we decided to relocate.

Six months passed, and both my friend Lisa and I became pregnant around the same time. Despite living in different cities, we shared advice on baby care. We planned to meet when our children were a bit older.

When our daughter grew a little, we decided to visit Lisa and Roma. Upon arrival, we found a table set for us.
“What wonderful people you are! You’ve already put to bed and managed to get ready before us!” I complimented our friends.

Surprisingly, Lisa revealed that they had never put to sleep; they just laid him in bed, him cry. During dinner, one of the children started crying. Assuming it was my daughter, I rushed to check, but Lisa calmly informed me it was crying.

Despite the baby crying for half an hour, Lisa insisted on letting him cry, stating that it was unnecessary to spoil him. I was shocked by Lisa’s behavior, as during the day, she seemed like a good mother, talking and playing with her baby. However, when it was time for sleep, she would leave in bed and exit the room, even when he cried a lot.

I had a serious conversation with Roma and Lisa about it, but we couldn’t understand each other. My husband asked me to calm down to avoid an argument with our friends. The next day, we left feeling upset, feeling sorry for the innocent little child.

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