“Three weeks ago, my husband left me with a baby in my arms. Then, his brother said, ‘I’m not rushing or insisting. If it works out – great, if not – I won’t abandon you; I’ll still help,’ he sadly replied.”

My husband left me three weeks ago. He said family life bored him; it’s not for him – house, work, kids. When I asked what he used to think before, I didn’t get a clear answer. I refused to get a divorce because our child is just a year old, and it won’t happen soon.

I That didn’t stop him from packing his things and spending family-free evenings with someone unknown. He left – it’s sad, but okay. Better now than after 10-20 years of marriage. And I am to blame too – I chose an unreliable person as a life partner. I grieved, contemplated, and decided to move on. Especially since I have a child who needs me. Maternity leave payments are still coming; they will for another year. Then, child support, kindergarten, and work. I’ll change my rented one-room apartment to a cheaper one. The main thing is to have good neighbors.

Of course, I could go to my mom’s, but she won’t allow it – my husband never appealed to her, so moving in with her is not an option. If things get really tough, my mother-in-law will help; she won’t refuse. Not to me but to her grandson. She loves him; he is her only grandchild. My husband has an older brother, but he can’t have children of his own, unfortunately. When he found out, his marriage fell apart, and it turned out the child was not his., my husband’s brother, was happy to forgive his wife, but she took the child and went to her real father. When my mother-in-law learned about her son’s antics, she came straight to me. As it turned out, she had already planned my life. She started matchmaking me with Ivan so that her grandson wouldn’t be lost.

“If you get married, I won’t see my grandson. But here, my son is reliable, and he likes you. He will treat your child as his own – he’s not a stranger, but a nephew. You’ll move in with us, and everything will be like a fairy tale,” she said. I saw how reliable her son was – he left his family and went to clubs looking for adventures. “He’s younger, all in his father’s footsteps! But my eldest is gold, you know. You’re a beautiful girl; think about it; maybe it will work out,” my mother-in-law said and left.

And I started thinking. I agreed. Ivan is good. In comparison to my husband, he always came out on top. He’s hardworking, economical, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, and is not irresponsible. It’s not right. I didn’t marry the right brother. But what can you do now? I chose the wrong person. I decided not to think about it at all. My mother-in-law is afraid for nothing; I won’t interfere with her communication with her grandson. She’s a wonderful grandma, and I don’t need anything more from her. We paid for the apartment two months ahead, plus a deposit. I warned the landlady that I would leave, and there would be no more payments. I found a part-time job – writing comments. They pay pennies, but it’s something.

And I don’t really need it right now – my maternity leave payments were decent. Vanya started visiting us, with or without a reason. Sometimes he brings diapers or baby food. And all with flowers, sweets, and rattles. I talked to him, explained that it wouldn’t work for us, that it’s not right. “I’m not rushing, and I’m not insisting. If it works out – great, if not – I won’t leave you anyway, I’ll help,” sadly replied Vanya to my confusing explanation. I didn’t marry the right brother. But what can you do now? I’m not going to build relationships with Ivan either. I won’t be left alone – I’m not a small child. What do they want from me? How do they not understand? And my mother-in-law found out about the fight and rushed over immediately. “Choose already; don’t torture my children!” she demanded. I explained to her that I don’t need her children, neither one nor the other.

“Why is that? How can you be alone without a husband?” she exclaimed. “I’m doing fine without a husband,” I smiled. Thanks to dad for everything. “Learn, daughter, you need to learn. Then build a career. And only then think about children. Men, believe me, are unreliable. Rely only on yourself.”

So, I won’t be lost without a husband. And let my mother-in-law keep her sons, I don’t need them, thank you.

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