Three-year-old brother gave his sister a creative haircut: How she looked after the new haircut

These parents now know exactly what five minutes of silence is worth if there are small children in the house. Briana and Michael Naylor from Queen Creek, Arizona published their story and surprised the Network. According to the Daily Mail, Briana is 35 years old, Michael is 30, and the couple has two children Colt. and Kimber.

One day, the parents were eating quietly when they realized that the house was too quiet. They began to look for children and found them in the closet. The cunning couple stole the scissors and decided to play hairdresser.
Colta cut his sister’s hair, who was excited about the game.

Parents were shocked at first, but they did not scold the children. Mom, seeing her daughter’s haircut, was upset at first, but then laughed. It’s just hair. Even the stern father couldn’t help but smile.

In addition to Kimber’s hair, a couple of mom’s dresses also managed to become more creative, one of them had to be thrown away. They explained to the boy that it was impossible to play with scissors and forced him to clean up the results of the game himself. It was necessary to save the baby’s hair. The couple was lucky that their neighbor Jen Bullock worked as a hairdresser. Mom immediately wrote to her and asked for help.

The neighbor did not greatly correct the older brother’s creativity and gave the little girl a stylish haircut. Briana also thinks that Colt has the makings of a hairdresser because he already showed interest in scissors and a typewriter when she took them out to cut her husband’s hair. The boy asks each time to try it himself. Who knows, maybe one day Kimber will be proud to be his first model?
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