To please my husband. This Is What The Girl Who Transformed Beyond Recognition Looked Like Before

As a teenager, Charlie Phillips considered her appearance less than ideal.

The girl always dreamed of looking like a Barbie doll.

Moreover, when she met her husband, she learned that the man still dreams of a life partner with the appearance of a doll.

That’s when Charlie decided it was time for a change.

Ross, the girl’s lover, was supportive and even insisted that she would look better after plastic surgery.

By the way, the man also decided to take care of all the expenses.

Then Phillips became even more established in her desire to become a doll.

Now she has already increased her rounded shapes twice.

Charlie also regularly injects his lips, cheekbones and chin, and whitens his teeth.

A total of around £17,000 was spent on all of Charlie Barbie’s beauty makeovers.

Now Charlie herself and her husband are delighted with her appearance. They both think she looks so much better than before.

By the way, the girl does not intend to stop there.

In her dreams, the beauty still has many procedures that will bring her even closer to the image of Barbie.

It is worth saying that it makes the couple and their family as a whole happier, which means there is no need to condemn them.

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