Twin nurses accepted twin girls:Now they have elder twin friends

Tori is an intensive care nurse and Tara works in the delivery room. On that working day, the clinic management said that the girls would have to work together in the same room. The nurses found out about this just a few minutes before the patient was born.

Despite the fact that the girls always worked in the same shifts, there were no cases when they helped a woman in labor together. One of the twins says that she was very excited when she found out that they would be delivering babies with her sister. She admits that it never occurred to her that twins should be born.

With the help of a caesarean section, two twin girls were born. They were born prematurely at 32 weeks and spent a week in intensive care. The difference between Addison and Emma was 3 minutes. Their parents, Brennan and Rebecca, were pleasantly surprised that the nurses who assisted in childbirth were also twins, like their daughters.

Tara cared for Addison in the maternity ward, while Tori cared for Emma in the intensive care unit.
The girls’ mother said that she would definitely tell her daughters about the story of their birth when they grow up.

Several photos were taken at the medical center to capture the moment as newborn twin babies are held in the arms of twin nurses. The mother of the babies talked to the nurses and learned more about the life of twin girls. Tori and Tara shared stories from their childhood that Rebecca might find useful.

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