Two years ago the girl weighed 30 kg. But now she’s changed beyond recognition

This girl named Sarah is only 22 years old, but she has already managed to cope with serious problems, after which she literally had to fight for her life. At some point, Sarah decided that she should “get herself in order.” Moreover, as the girl admits, it was not about losing weight, she just wanted to look better.

However, Sarah took the wrong path completely – she limited herself to food, starting to eat less than the minimum required. Sarah’s diet contained 300 to 400 calories per day, at 1800 calories. In addition, she was exhausted with daily 3-hour runs. The first to be alarmed were the teachers of the institute where the girl studied.

They advised Sarah to see a doctor. But the student did not see the problem until she became very ill. When her hair started falling out in handfuls and it became unbearably difficult to move, Sarah turned to the center nonetheless. As the girl later admitted, it is very difficult for a person to admit that he has psychological problems.

And that’s exactly what happened to her – after all, she didn’t notice her own deplorable state. It took the girl almost 2 years of work with nutritionists and psychologists to at least partially regain her health. Sarah is now unrecognizable.

She looks completely different. The girl is much better, although she admits that the work of restoring health is not yet complete. Sarah is very grateful to the specialists and relatives who are always there and support her on the way to her goal.

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