Unique story: Nina and Martina sent 41 dogs on the path to a better life.

When Nina Rosić and Martina Briški arrived near Glina over three weeks ago and settled in a house where they come every day to eat, rest, and sleep, they had no idea what awaited them.

For many years, taking care of animals has been part of their lives. However, they admit that everything they have seen often leaves them speechless. They say they will never understand how people find it acceptable to live like this. They explain, “We always come with food; it’s our ticket.”

They believe that everything is easier in families with children, as they learn more easily and are more accepting of the need for change. They cite an example of a family that, after their visit, improved conditions and enhanced the space where the dog could move freely. The girls were happier when they saw the dog enjoying his walks.

They recently changed another dog’s life, hoping to help the Hudorović family, which currently has no other option. When they first saw Rex, Nina and Martina brought a new house and a new collar. Their goal is to set Rex free, just like the other dog, Matt.

These two volunteers have visited many families in recent days, discussing and attempting to explain to people that no animal should spend its entire life on a chain. So far, they have sent 41 dogs from Banija on the path to a better life.

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