Vera Wang showed her photos, and people were shocked: They just found out how old the fashion designer is

Twitter users saw a photo of Vera Wang and wanted to know what kind of magic the fashion designer uses to maintain a youthful appearance. People are sure that the creator of the dresses in the pictures does not look her already far from being young. However, skeptics found an answer obvious, but realistic.

Vera Wang is a Chinese-American fashion designer known for creating celebrity-favorite wedding dresses. Wong also produces clothes for less solemn occasions, perfumes and accessories. The designer is quite popular among fashion lovers, but in early May it sparked discussion among a wider audience.

The virality of Vera was provided by two photo shoots, pictures from which she shared on Instagram. So, on the frames of May 2, the fashion designer poses in a short top and shorts. In other photos published on the 4th, Vera is wearing a long dress and a matching protective mask. It would seem that there is nothing supernatural in the frames but this is only if you do not know the age of the designer.

And Twitter users figured it out and seemed to have a hard time believing it. So, a post on this topic by a girl with the nickname bob loblaw, published on May 6, collected more than 170 thousand likes. Someone even got into Wikipedia to check the information and made sure: the author of the post is not playing tricks on Twitter users. The screenshot of the Wikipedia article above is not Photoshop, and you can see for yourself.

References to Wong being born in 1949 can also be found in articles about the designer in VOGUE and the New York Times. And for those inhabitants of the social network who still had doubts, Vera herself confirmed the information. On May 7, she reposted the viral post from her official account and commented on it.

However, some of the inhabitants of Twitter reminded people of the wealth of the fashion designer, which means the ability to afford expensive beauty treatments. In addition, the fact that in the viral photos, we hardly see Wong’s face plays a role, they think.

Yes, and the designer probably edits her shots, removing signs of adulthood, commentators are sure. To prove that Vera looks a little different in real life, skeptics have published other pictures with the heroine of the story. She is an elite fashion designer with a million dollar fortune

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