We are looking for an abandoned dog running on three legs.They are really amazing

The limping dog moves at an incredible speed. The dog was abandoned on February 15th at Kievsky Station. A woman named Ekaterina learned about the situation and called a taxi for animals.

But the dog didn’t realize they wanted to help and ran wherever he could. “Eyewitnesses said he was left at the station and sat there for seven hours at the suburban train exit,” Ekaterina recounts. He was very scared; people threw him food, but he growled if anyone tried to approach. I called a taxi for animals to take him to the clinic, but we didn’t think the dog was so stressed.

We couldn’t catch him at that time. The girl did not lose hope of helping the dog and is still looking for him. The team joined the search, and a discussion group was set up to coordinate the efforts, where you can find the latest information on the situation and the type of assistance needed.

The dog is dark-colored, walks on three legs, the right hind leg doesn’t work, and measures about 30 cm at the withers. “For ten days, the ponytail has been trying to survive the cold and snowstorms,” explains Ekaterina. The last time he was seen was in the Teply Stan area.
One day, a girl called and said she had found this dog. Ekaterina says she is the luckiest woman.

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