What a giraffe woman looks like now who stretched her neck with rings for 5 years

For different people, the concept of beauty is most often different. Thus, for the American Sidney Smith, feminine beauty has always manifested exclusively in the “swan’s” neck. All her life she dreamed that her neck would also stretch on its own over time, but alas, the miracle did not happen.

Then Sydney decided to forge happiness with her own hands. She came across a story that told of a tribe where women from childhood wore rings around their necks designed to stretch it.

But only the retribution for such “beauty” is too great – the neck muscles weaken and stop holding their heads.

But Smith wanted so badly to have the neck of her dreams that she decided to experiment.

For 5 years, Sydney wore rings and then wanted to see the results of her efforts.

Indeed, the neck is noticeably elongated.

There were no serious complications, but still, bruises remained on the collarbones, which took a very long time, and Sydney also had to turn to massage therapists – textbooks.

But doctors say that over time the neck will become as before, because Smith began to stretch it already in adulthood, and not as it should be in the tribes, in childhood.

But Sydney does not listen to the opinion of experts, because she has achieved the desired result.

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