What beautiful little ones:What the babies of a Slavic woman and her husband from Zambia look like

Now, no one is surprised by international marriages.

However, often the differences in the cultures of the husband and the wife are so strong that neither one nor the second spouse in their country of origin wants to recognize a couple.

This situation happened with our heroes today.

Both were doomed out of love, but this couple’s feelings were stronger than the doom, and they were able to endure it all and become happy.

Maria met a guy named Lubinda at a nightclub. It turned out that Lubinda was from Zambia.

At first they communicated as acquaintances, then they became friends, and later everything flowed in love.

The moment they realized they wanted to be together, they no longer cared about the differences in cultures and possible condemnation from the outside.

But everyone: families, friends and acquaintances were against such a strange union.

But Maria and Lubinda were not going to give up!

Then the lovers decided to get married and leave for Zambia, the man’s homeland.

At first, it was really difficult for Maria in a foreign country, moreover, her husband constantly worked, and she had to cope with all the difficulties almost alone.

But gradually everything got better.


And now the family already has two beautiful little ones: Kira and Kevin.

Guys grow and get even better looking every year, because the blood mix has done its job!

And when they saw the charming fruits of Maria and Lubinda’s love, people stopped judging them, and now they even look at the unusual family with interest and wish them happiness!

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