What do little ones look like who started their modeling career very early

In fact, no matter what it may look like from the outside, the life of children’s pageant contestants is far from a fairy tale. Instead of playing various games, they are forced to follow tiring diets daily, undergo various cosmetic procedures, drink energy drinks, etc.

In general, they must behave in a way that is not at all for children. In short, most of the time, they don’t even enjoy their childhood. And have you ever wondered what happens to them as adults?

Edden Wood’s career began when she was just two years old. She looked like a very happy little girl doing what she loved the most. But it soon turned out that her mother beat her every day by giving her energy drinks.
When this was revealed, the woman tried to explain everything, saying she did it to make her stress resistant. After long legal proceedings, the girl was finally on the stage of a beauty contest.

Alana Thompson was so charismatic that they called her “Little Boo-Boo”. Thanks to her magnificent appearance, she was able to win many contests, and one day, noticing the girl on one of the TV channels, they invited her to participate in a reality show with her family. At that time, however, due to a big scandal, it was immediately closed, and now the girl has already forgotten about her previous career.

Myers McKenze is remembered as the most emotional heroine of “Toddlers and Tiaras” because she was constantly angry. The girl is now 13 years old, and when it comes to bright makeup, luxurious dresses and other accessories for pageants, she is long gone.


Tarelin Eshberger managed to get into show business from an early age, as she was already performing with luxurious make-up and hairstyles. It seemed that such a life as a model would mark her, but luckily that did not happen and today her passion is sports rather than the stage. She is particularly fond of volleyball and swimming.

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