What does one of the most strongest and muscular bodybuilder woman look like and live now

Athletes Andersen was born on September 9, 1966 in Denmark, but at the age of two she moved with her family to Swedish Malma. Despite this, the athlete considers Gothenburg to be her hometown, where she has been living since she was 20 years old. Passion for sports was inherent in Irene since childhood.

Initially, she studied jazz ballet, then judo. But at the age of 15, Andersen visited the gym for the first time, which was managed by her friend. At the same time, she was engaged in Thai boxing and kickboxing, this hobby follows her to this day. Irene is still considering the possibility of participating in competitions in these sports.

Irene is the mother of three children. Her bodybuilding career developed quickly, she easily won all the competitions in Sweden and received a professional card. Since 2006, she has competed as a professional bodybuilder for the IFBB and later for Wings of Strength. In 2019, at Rising Phoenix, she was 3rd, which is also a very good result.

2004 It was quite eventful for Irene. She has competed in six different competitions. First place in the Lucia Classic tournament.
Fourth place in the pair standings for men and women SM par. Debut in The Rooky of the year competition. First place in the Veteran category at the SM competition. First place in the “Senior” category at the SM competition. First place in the “KVAL” category in the SM competition.

Now Irene Andersen has suspended her sports career. She believes it’s time for a break from the constant competition. However, the athlete did not quit training and is very actively preparing for her performance at the Miss Olympia championship.

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