What the famous Thumbelina girl looks like after a few years

A girl named Polina, became famous in 2013.

She participated in a TV show. After this outing, everyone heard about the little one.

As the mother of our heroine admits, the pregnancy was normal, but specialists constantly said that there were difficulties with the development of the fetus.

However, no one could make diagnoses, because it was necessary to wait for the birth itself.

After Polina was born, they began to examine.

But it’s just that no one could tell what was wrong with the little one.

One thing was clear – the mental development of the little one is normal, but physically she is still not healthy.

Then experts from other countries became interested.

And it was only in Austria that doctors finally discovered that Polina’s disease was called anoxetic dysplasia.

With this disease, a person grows as much as possible up to a meter in height.

Polina’s case was so unique that there are only 7 people with a similar condition, and she was the 8th.

Due to poor knowledge of the disease, doctors could not guarantee Polina and her parents a positive dynamic.

At first, the girl did not understand at all why the specialists constantly studied her, because she was in no way

different from her peers.

But over time, when all of them began to grow a little, Polina remained small.

Despite her small stature, the character of the girl is very strong. Her family confirms that Polina is a very powerful and strong-willed person.

At the age of 5, she began to actively prepare for school with her parents.

And at 7, she went to first grade. After studying a little at school, it was decided to transfer Polina to home schooling.

It was simply physically difficult for the girl to carry a large briefcase, which eventually began to weigh more than the student herself.

Teachers came to the girl’s home or called her via video link.

Everyone highly praised her academic achievements, because while the girl was studying, she strove to learn and she liked to acquire new knowledge.

She always had a lot of friends. The girl is very sociable and it has always been easy for her to make new acquaintances.

After leaving the program in 2013, she has even more classmates.

Then noticed him a talent for drawing.

Familiar families offered to send the little one to an art school, since there is no need to carry a huge amount of heavy books.

Now Polina is already 14 years old, she received a passport.

Everything in her life is already good, she studies and goes to school herself.

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