“What’s wrong here? Find 5 mistakes in the picture and correct the situation.”This can do only 1% of people

One of the trendiest types of puzzles is the “Find the Error” challenge. In these tasks, you’re asked to analyze an image that may seem ordinary at first glance.
But hidden inside is always a subtle mistake – an out-of-place object, an impossible scenario, or something else out of the ordinary. Your job is to find these errors within the set time limit. If you can spot the errors, it means you have a sharp eye for detail and a quick mind!

Your task is to identify 5 mistakes and discrepancies within 25 seconds.

“Find the Error” challenges are more than just entertainment. They’re powerful tools for honing your cognitive skills. You need to analyze the image, understand its logic, and then determine what doesn’t fit. This process strengthens your critical thinking muscles and helps you approach problems from different angles.

Below, we present the solution:


Here is a list of errors in the image above:
– lit candle
– cobweb
– rose
– mouse
– square bubbles coming from the turtle

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