“When dad has a twin. Played a prank on the little one.”This video is so funny..can you imagine how little baby react?

The sweet child couldn’t figure out who is who! A fantastic and joyful video! Kids are so open and trusting. Of course, how can you understand when twin brothers decide to have some fun!
The little one is sitting on his dad’s lap and sees another dad standing opposite. What’s this? Enlightenment or confusion of the mind. Even more interesting articles and videos can be found on our website!

The child is studying very attentively but, in my opinion, still hasn’t figured out where his dad is. I wouldn’t have either! It’s still challenging for him to understand who he is, and here are two identical people. In reality, it’s straightforward.
It turns out that dad simply has a twin brother who looks exactly like the real dad, like two peas in a pod. The child will understand this only as he grows up. Right now, he is completely puzzled. However, his reaction amused the adults around him, and they laughed heartily!

The scene is so delightful that I’ve watched it many times already. It’s evident that the family is very positive! Wishing the little one happiness and good health. As he grows up, he’ll find a way to prank his dad and uncle. You’ll surely enjoy this fun video. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and acquaintances. Enjoy watching and have a great mood!

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