When her mother died, her sisters wanted to send 13-year-old Hannah to an orphanage. And suddenly the Expensive Car drove home and the unexpected happened

In the morning, Mikhail was in his mother’s house with his sisters, loudly arguing about what each of them would receive. Suddenly, 13-year-old little Virochka walked in, tears in her eyes. She said,

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? Our mother just passed away, and you’re already dividing her house? Have you thought about what I will do and where I will live?” Her brother looked at her and said, “You’ll live in an orphanage until the state provides you with an apartment.”

“I won’t go to any orphanage. You can send your own children there if you want. I’ll live in my mother’s house,” Virochka replied, choking back tears, and then she ran out.

Their mother, Nadiya, gave birth to Vira at the age of 50. Her children were against her decision to have a child at this age, and they had left their mother alone. Nadiya fell in love with Mykola without knowing he was already married. When everything came to light, Nadiya separated from Mykola, even though he claimed to love only her.

In the morning, while Mikhail and his sisters wasted no time distributing their late mother’s belongings, a car pulled up to the house, and two men got out.

The first, holding a folder, introduced himself as a notary. He solemnly said, ” has bequeathed her property to Vira Until she turns 18, everything will be under the guardianship of her father, By the way, he is standing in front of you right now.”
Vira looked at her father with wide eyes, then choked up and asked, “Are you really my father?” hugged her and promised to explain everything to her later.

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