When my husband and I finally bought our own apartment after years of saving, my mother-in-law came over and said something to us that we couldn’t believe with our own ears.

My mother-in-law believes that we owe her something. I still don’t understand why her family is involved when my parents have constantly helped us. John and I got married almost five years ago. At that time, older brother James, along with his wife and two children, lived with my mother-in-law. It turned out that there was no room for us, neither me nor John, in their house.

But we didn’t expect to stay there, and we both thought that we should have our own place first before considering having children. For four years, we worked tirelessly, and we managed to save up a decent sum of money for an apartment. My parents were always there, supporting us and helping us in every way they could.

That’s how, in four years, we gathered enough money for the initial down payment. Then my father surprised us. It was hard for my grandmother to live alone, so they took her in. They sold her apartment and gave us the proceeds, so we wouldn’t need a mortgage. With that money and our savings, we were able to buy a two-bedroom apartment.

Everything went very well, and within six months, we were in our own place, celebrating our new home. It was during that evening that we found out about my mother-in-law’s hidden agenda. Apparently, she expected us to help buy a home. “You’ve bought yourselves an apartment, and you’ve received help before; now it’s your turn,” she said.

He responded, “I don’t understand why we should be involved in this. We’ve worked hard to achieve our goals, and we owe nothing to anyone except my wife’s parents.” He also pointed out that if his brother hadn’t made any changes in his life after all these years, it was his own responsibility. He can do whatever he wants, as long as he stays away from us.

My mother-in-law tried to play the sympathy card, mentioning that Sasha has children and no place to live. However, stood his ground. Eventually, my mother-in-law left our house. My husband pondered this situation for a while, but now it doesn’t bother him anymore. After all, he recently found out that he’s going to become a father soon.

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