When my husband left me because of my infertility, I no longer wanted to live. But then a friend told me about an adoptive baby, and it turned my life around.

My name is Hellen. At the time when this story happened, I was 32 years old. It was a challenging period in my life because I had recently gone through a difficult divorce with my husband.
Jack and I had married out of deep and passionate love, dreaming of our own family and children. We were married for 5 years, but I couldn’t get pregnant despite our hopes and efforts. After extensive medical examinations, I received the unfortunate news – infertility. There was nothing that could be done, and doctors gave us no chances.

This was a heavy blow to our relationship with Jack, so heavy that it eventually led to our separation. confessed to me that he didn’t want to be with me under these circumstances. We didn’t argue; we parted ways amicably, but a profound emptiness remained in my heart, and I fell into depression. I spent days and nights doing nothing, with no desire for anything. One of my close friends works at an orphanage. She knew how difficult things were for me and called me frequently, trying to talk and cheer me up.

One day, told me about a case at work where a 16-year-old girl gave birth and decided to give up her baby for adoption. “He’s such a sweetheart, you can’t even imagine!” she said. “I’ve dealt with cases like this before, but there’s something special about this little one.
She sent me a photo, and at that moment, something tugged at my heartstrings, as if higher powers were guiding me.” The next day, I visited little, and in a few weeks, I started the adoption process. He became my happiness and joy! Every day, I thank God that everything turned out this way.

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