When my husband’s sister dumped her children on us for the entire vacation and disappeared. Meanwhile, my husband…

jane, I’m in despair, I don’t know what to do.
– What happened?
– This morning, jack brought his children and went somewhere to relax. For the whole summer. Can you imagine?
– Who did?

– Hanna, not that one! Jacks ex brought her kids, claiming she had to go to work. But I don’t believe it. I heard she bought a vacation package. Probably found herself a new lover, and the kids are just in her way. Three months,, three months! And I can’t get used to them for three days.

– Nastya, calm down. They’re just kids.
– No, they’re not just kids. It’s like a slow-motion minefield in my own home. They don’t listen to me at all. They even bully my little one.
– Well, it’s your first year together. How interested could he be to them?
– They deliberately scream so the baby can’t sleep.
– That’s just kids…
– No! She’s turning them against me. They behave well when at work, and in the evening, they cry crocodile tears, as if I’m mistreating them.
– Nastya, but you knew had children. He takes care of them like any decent guy.
– He takes care? He’s not even at home all day. These kids were imposed on me. She even instructed him to take the kids to school. And child support keeps going to her bank account. Is that normal?

Why does he allow her to do this? Did he forget how she said she didn’t need an invalid?
– What invalid?
– she, of course. He had a serious accident at the factory, underwent treatment for a long time. Doctors didn’t think he’d recover. That’s when she left him and started changing men like gloves. I’m not even sure if the boys are really his. You can expect anything from such a woman.
– Come on…

– Are you my friend or not? I called you for support, and what are you doing?
– I’m trying to explain that you shouldn’t corner your husband like that. These are his children. Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to find a way to live with them somehow.
– I won’t, and that’s final! Either she gets her ex back to his senses or he takes responsibility. I’m not their nanny. That’s it!

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