When my son was little he said he fell in love with a girl in kindergarten she was the most beautiful girl look how she looks now

My husband, as long as I can remember our family, was always far away. He went to work in another country as soon as we got married. He sent me a considerable amount of money, but I invested all that money in construction. I worked at a school on one and a half shifts myself.
With my salary, I paid for utilities, bought groceries, and took care of our son. With my husband’s money, I built two houses: one for us in our old age and one for our son. Our son enrolled in the capital’s university, and I was eagerly waiting for him to bring a daughter-in-law so that finally, there would be a woman in his house.

My son did introduce me to his fiancée, but his choice didn’t quite sit well with me. The girl was too spoiled. However, our relationship with the daughter-in-law changed drastically after the birth of my grandson. I didn’t really have a place in my heart for him, but I helped Harmony with her son because she had no one else in our city, and I could see that she needed help and support. Harmony willingly accepted my assistance and constantly thanked me for it, and I was happy to help her. “It’s not life, it’s a fairy tale!” you might think, but no. Our fairy tale came to an end.

One day, as usual, I went to visit my children and found Harmony crying, and my son, his joy, before her. He explained to me that he had fallen in love with someone else and intended to file for divorce from Harmony.

Perhaps this fool hoped that I would kick Harmony and my grandson out the door, but I surprised everyone by deciding to put my son out. To not let my efforts go in vain, I wrote a will in favor of Elena, or rather, in favor of my grandson, with Elena as his temporary guardian. Now my son faces a choice: either he stays in the family or goes to the other without anything.

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