“When Jack proposed to me with two children in his arms, I was radiating happiness, but only later did I realize what I had done with my life.”

I was working at the hospital when I first saw. He was there for a medical check-up related to his job. Afterward, he waited for me to finish my shift, standing with flowers by the hospital. This became a routine after work, and we started seeing each other.

However, I told from the beginning that I wasn’t a suitable match for him because I already had two daughters. One was six years old, and the other was five. My husband and I had long separated and had no contact since then. But said he loved children deeply, and this didn’t deter him.

My girls grew attached to him quickly. always gave them a lot of attention, bought them gifts, and brightened their lives with his presence. After our wedding, we moved in with him. had a spacious apartment: one room for us, another for my daughters, and a third for our son. had dreamt of having a son, and a year after our wedding, I gave birth to Mykita.
After his birth, was incredibly happy, more than I had ever seen him before. After work, he would hurry home to spend time with our child. Pavel was very supportive during my maternity leave, and we had a truly happy family.

However, as Mykita grew older, I noticed that was distancing himself from my daughters, as they began to perceive him as a father figure. He started suggesting that we send them to their grandmother’s place during the summer so that we could spend time at home with Mykita alone.

For New Year’s, I set aside money for the kids’ presents, planning to buy the oldest an art set and the younger one a doll from a collection. For Mykita, we wanted to get another toy car. But Pavel insisted on contributing more money specifically for Mykita’s gift, claiming that he had the right to indulge his own son, especially since he was the youngest.
I’m at a loss about what to do now. I feel sorry for my daughters, but Pavel argues that he financially provides for us, and we’re living in his apartment, so he doesn’t understand my complaints. Even my mother says that is doing everything right, that he’s a good man and a good father. But I can’t shake the unease I feel about this situation.

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