When the husband learned that the future child would have health problems, he immediately refused to have anything to do with it. But this was only the beginning.

Jini left the hospital; everything seemed dark before her eyes. It was hard to breathe, and tears welled up. She sat on a bench and began to cry. Then, in one moment, she abruptly calmed down and decisively went home.

“Darling, I was at the hospital,”  began.

“Good, what did the doctor say? Is everything okay with our child?”

“The thing is, he will be born with an illness, an incurable syndrome.”

“No… , it’s better to get rid of the child while it’s not too late. We’re only 30; we’ll have more children.”

“, the doctor told me the same…”

“Even more reason to consider it.”

“No. How can you say such a thing? This is our child; he already has little hands and feet. I will give birth, and everything will be fine. We’ll raise him.”

“But you’re mistaken, . You will raise him alone.”

After these words,  packed her things and moved to her grandmother’s in the village for the entire pregnancy. Her mother supported her daughter in every way but continued working in the city.  endured her pregnancy peacefully, ate only natural food from the garden, and drank cow’s milk. Her grandmother made sour cream and cheese for her.  never went to the hospital for check-ups. When the contractions started, she was immediately taken to the hospital. She gave birth quickly. The happy doctors brought  her child.

“Congratulations, you have a healthy boy.”

“Is he okay? He’s not ill? He doesn’t have the syndrome?”

“No, why are you saying that? He is perfectly healthy.”

informed her grandmother of the joyful news, and her grandmother told  mother. Soon,  ex-husband learned of it “, I’m so glad that our son is fine! Can I come over? Just tell me what I should buy.

“I don’t need anything from you. You once refused the child, and I don’t need anything more from you.”

“But you don’t have the right to deny me contact with our son… , please forgive me.”

“As for forgiveness, I’ll think about it.”

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