When the little Toto Cutugno took the stage, a wave of enthusiasm literally swept through the hall! Bravo!

Each participant in the  version of “The Voice Kids” comes to the auditions with a specific goal. Some want to show the world they can sing,

others aim to reunite their family, and some dream of overcoming their fears and complexes about the big stage.
However, the little Ukrainian of Italian descent, Raffaele Papadia, came to the project to prove his love for a girl named Arina. According to the mischievous boy, she possesses irresistible beauty but has a very difficult character.
“When she grows up, I’ll be able to tame her. I’ll pick her up and carry her to the registry office,” he promised in an interview.
For the blind auditions, Raffaele chose the legendary hit “L’Italiano” by Toto Cutugno, capturing the entire audience’s attention and winning the heart of one jury member.

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