When this couple appeared on the stage, no one expected that they would perform amazingly..all this so wonderful that then the most unexpected happened

She  is a star of the show “Dancing with the Stars.” She was a participant in the first season, and surprisingly, she was invited to embellish the new season of the program.

However, in the first season, her partner was  Yama, who later takes on the role of a judge on the show. Now, on the dance floor, the star performs with . All fans are divided into two fronts – some believe that the duo of  and  is stronger, while others, on the contrary, think that  and  make a better team. However, only time will tell who will truly be stronger; perhaps Igor will indeed lead  to victory.

For now, we can only enjoy the performances that both duos have given and continue to give us. Speaking of the first season, undoubtedly, the most memorable and passionate performance.

They danced this sensual dance as if they let it pass through them. It’s not without reason that there were rumors of a romance between these two talented personalities!

The dance is entirely filled with tenderness, smoothness, and a sense of passion, perfectly conveyed by the dancers. This performance could not be forgotten by the audience because such emotions on the dance floor had never been seen before.

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