While reviewing their family photos, the newlywed couple realized they had been friends since they were kids.

Ed and Heidi Salvat’s story is a living example of how chance encounters can turn out to be pivotal. Their journey began in a college dormitory in 2011 when the clumsy Ed was struggling with a washing machine, and the helpful Heidi offered her assistance. This chance meeting was the beginning of their incredible story.

From the first moments, they found common topics to converse about, and soon, Ed invited Heidi on a date. Their relationship developed rapidly, and Heidi soon became his fiancée.

However, their first meeting with Heidi’s parents turned out to be quite surprising. Heidi’s parents discovered family photo albums that contained pictures from her childhood. This led to an astonishing discovery: one of the photos showed a young Ed and a young Heidi together.

It turns out that both families spent a vacation at the same resort, and in 1997, they even stayed at the same hotel. There, the children became friends and spent the entire summer together.

After 14 years of randomly crossing paths, Ed and Heidi realized that fate had brought them together once again. They got married and decided to spend one of their early vacations in the same Turkish resort of Bodrum, where their incredible story began.

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