Who is the youngest and most intelligent child on the planet?

When the child was two years old, he fluently read encyclopedias and pondered the birth of penguins. According to his parents, the child was speaking at 9 months! At the age of one and a half, Oscar could engage in discussions with adults about politics, medicine, physics, and mathematics.

Everyone around him was amazed by the young boy’s knowledge. But no one could have imagined the true extent of Oscar’s genius. When the two-year-old took an IQ test, it turned out that his results were on par with the brilliant Albert Einstein.

The boy has already been accepted among the ranks of the most intelligent people on the planet. Now, he is nine years old. At two years old, he became the youngest person in the UK to be accepted into the Mensa society with an IQ of 160. At two and a half, he was more concerned about the reproductive cycle of penguins than typical children’s activities.

Oscar’s parents claim that he started talking at nine months, reciting the alphabet at 18, and by two years old, his vocabulary was in the thousands of words, while an average child at that age knows around 50.

His love for music surfaced at the age of three when he asked for a saxophone as a gift, even though Oscar was still too young to play it. “Sometimes he sits in the car, listens to the Indiana Jones soundtracks, and plays along with his fingers. And then he says, ‘now it will be a trumpet’ or ‘here are the violins,'” recalls Mr. Wrigley.

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