Woman Has Been Growing Her Nails Since 1979. What Her 8 Meter Manicure Looks Like Today

Nail care is a procedure that any representative of the fair sex considers obligatory. But for the heroine of our story, Lee Rednomd, this procedure takes almost all of the time of the day. The thing is, Lee is the owner of the longest fingernails on the planet.

And these are not empty words: the name of the woman takes place in the Guinness Book of Records. It’s no joke, a lover of long nails hasn’t cut them since 1979! It is not difficult to calculate that Lee Redmond’s nails are already 42 years old.

The length of the woman’s nails is not less than 8.65 meters. To keep his “treasure” in good condition, Lee rubs his fingernails with olive oil, then polishes them. How a woman copes with the simplest household chores remains a mystery. With such “nails”, even a regular meal or going to the toilet can become a serious problem.

Lee admits that initially she didn’t think it would all turn out like this. She just got curious about how long she could grow her nails, and then it became a habit. Today, despite the inconveniences, she does not even allow the idea of ​​cutting herself off from her “pride”.

Once, Li even had an accident and broke several fingernails. However, the woman carefully preserved the wreckage, as proof of the true length of her “nails”.

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