“Woman saved lion before it died and she gave him an emotional goodbye.”

Thewoman saved the lion before it left this world, and it bid her an emotional farewell.


A lion named Jupiter lives in Colombia, in one of the country’s best animal sanctuaries. The lions at the sanctuary are cared for by Anna Julia Terres. She has 4 lions, 9 tigers, jaguars, cougars, crocodiles, a bear, and even an ostrich under her care. The sanctuary also houses a chimpanzee, several monkeys, and even birds. Anna has many different enclosures, but they all share a common characteristic – previously, the animals didn’t know what a good attitude was and only saw the evil in people.


Most of the animals Anna cares for have severe injuries that will stay with them for life, while others can be healed both physically and psychologically. Anna has two children, but she also sees every animal that comes into the sanctuary as her child and does everything she can to help them.

There are over 800 animals in the sanctuary, but Jupiter, according to Anna herself, was her favorite. Jupiter used to work in a circus where he was treated cruelly. Due to human intimidation, the lion didn’t trust anyone, was afraid of people, and avoided communication with them in every way possible.


Anna showed tact and care, and over time, she managed to gain Jupiter’s trust, and his fear disappeared without a trace. After a while, Jupiter was taken from the sanctuary to the zoo. This happened because Anna didn’t have the necessary paperwork for the animal and didn’t inform the authorities.

Without Anna, Jupiter felt bored and stopped eating, losing a lot of weight and falling ill. The animal was sent to another zoo where there were observation and treatment possibilities. The veterinarians’ conclusions were disappointing – the lion had liver cancer, which is incurable. Anna visited her companion animal at the zoo, and a few days later, Jupiter passed away. The woman says she will always remember him with special tenderness

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