Years later, Kal found out that his high school sweetheart Inna had been in a car accident. He decided to visit her, but Inna’s first words left him speechless.

She was a beauty. Her hair had a coppery gleam, and her brown eyes… He considered himself average. He had loved her since the fifth grade, but, thinking of himself as unworthy, he never showed his feelings, keeping them hidden under a facade of indifference. School passed by unnoticed. Now, he had been demobilized from the army. His feelings for his classmate were nearly forgotten.

His mother had arranged a celebration in honor of her son’s return. There were many guests. Naturally, his friend Kal was there too, and they stepped out onto the balcony to catch up. They hadn’t seen each other in a long time. Kal talked about their classmates, and the conversation turned to Inna. “A year ago, she and her father got into a car accident. Inna is now in a wheelchair. She might need an operation, but I don’t know the details.

she liked you,” Kal said. “I confessed my feelings to her at the graduation, and she rejected me. Then, she started asking about you. I asked her why, and she said she liked you. She even wanted me to talk to you because her pride got in the way. I stayed silent; my pride got in the way. Forgive me, Igor, but maybe it’s for the best?” didn’t respond.

He returned to the room, quietly put on his jacket, and left. He needed to be alone with his thoughts and feelings. He didn’t blame his friend; he blamed himself. For his cowardice, for his inappropriate pride, for… His feet carried him to apartment. Her mother opened the door and welcomed him inside. “Hello,” Inna greeted him. “How are you?” “See for yourself,” Inna smiled. “And don’t you dare pity me.” “Pity?” Igor exclaimed. “For the one I’ve loved all my life?!” Igor regretted his words immediately. He had spoken without thinking. Inna was equally shocked. She couldn’t believe it. It took a couple of months before she believed… The surgery was successful. A year passed, and Inna was able to walk again.

Inna got married. The only shadow on their happiness was the result of the surgery – she couldn’t have children. One day, Igor returned from work early. “Get ready,” he told his wife, “I’ll wait for you in the car.” They arrived at an orphanage. “Why are we here?” Inna tensed. “It’s a surprise… A girl surrounded by toys. With coppery hair…” Inna,, and their auburn-haired miracle. What more could they ask for in life?

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