Runaway cow was found a year later in a deep forest with unusual friends

Usually, if a farmer loses an animal, you can say goodbye to him forever. Especially if the farm is in a dense forest. But this unusual story shows that there is always a chance to get your four-legged ward back. Even if a whole year has passed.

A cow named Bonnie, who was only four months old, ran away from an auction where she was supposed to find a new home. She was able to jump out of the paddock and rush towards the forest so quickly that her owners did not have time to do anything.

Bonnie made her desperate escape in the summer, so it was easy for her to feed for the first months, avoiding any people. But by autumn, as everyone believed, the wolves would definitely eat her, or she would simply despair and come out to the people herself.

That did not happen. The locals continued to see the rebel cow, but she constantly ran away from them into the thicket already native to her. So Bonnie became a real local legend. For her sake, cameras were even installed in the forest. I really wanted to understand how the animal manages to survive in the wild.

When it was not possible to get food on its own, the cow came to the farms and looked for food there. People were loyal to the local celebrity, gave her treats, and she went back to the forest with an independent look. How did she survive?

Everything became clear thanks to the security cameras that were installed to watch the rebellious cow. It turns out that she nailed to a herd of deer. For some reason, they began to take Bonnie for their own. So she and her friends still live somewhere in the Dutch forests.

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