The guy crossed between the balconies along the narrow wall to save the crying cat

Jeff Powell lives in an apartment on the 12th floor. One of the days he saw through the window that two men were standing on the balcony in the house opposite, they were talking animatedly and pointing in one direction. Jeff carefully looked in this direction and saw a cat on the balcony next to the men.

Most likely, the cat was the pet of one of the men. The balconies were not connected to each other, but there was a narrow parapet between them. Obviously, the cat walked along the parapet and ended up on someone else’s balcony. The animal could no longer get back, so it cried loudly.

After a discussion, one of the men, apparently the owner of the cat, decided to save his pet. The man stepped over the railing and walked along the narrow parapet to pick up the cat. Stepping carefully, the guy with the animal in his arms returned to his balcony.

The parapet between the balconies was very narrow, so from the outside the guy’s decision looked extremely risky. Even a small breeze at such a height could be fatal, but the man took such a risk, because he was very worried about his pet.

Why the owner of the apartment did not come to the aid of the men, on the balcony of which the animal was sitting, remains a mystery. Perhaps the men did not want to wait for the owner of the property to return home, or perhaps this apartment was empty and there was no one to help the owner of the cat.

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